Notice of General Meeting

Sunday 24th July 2016 at 12.30pm in the Clubhouse, Maylandsea.


On behalf of the HBSC Committee I invite you to attend the forthcoming General Meeting.


This meeting has been called for members to consider and hopefully approve proposed amendments to our Club Rules and Bye-laws. The proposed amendments are based on the RYA model rules and constitution and there are two main reasons for the proposed amendments:


  1. The Inland Revenue has made changes in the regulations and the qualifying conditions applicable to the Club’s CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club) status.


Because of our CASC status we benefit substantially from a significant reduction in our business rates and ability to claim gift aid on donations. Losing our CASC status would have important implications for the finances of our Club.


  1. Clarification of the liability for members, committee members and trustees. If the club were unable to meet it’s financial obligations, the members, committee members and trustees are indemnified against any losses or expenses, which would be recovered from club assets. This clarification is important, as the club is about to embark on a major project to rebuild the jetty. In the unimaginable scenario that the club assets would not be sufficient to cover losses or expenses should the club dissolve then the maximum amount that a member would be liable to pay is equal to a years membership fees. Please note that the value of the proposed bank loan to rebuild the jetty is less than a sixth of the value of the Club property.


Our club rules state we must have at least 25 eligible voting members at the general meeting so I cannot overstress the importance of your attendance at the meeting. The programmed sailing for the day will follow the meeting.


The agenda for the general meeting, the proposed amendments to the Club rules and a copy of this letter are available to view on the club website ( Please let me know if you require a printed copy of the amended rules.


Yours sincerely on behalf of the Harlow (Blackwater) Sailing Club committee.


Tony Everitt

Honorary Secretary / 07941 671491