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We are a self-help club and the success of our sailing programme relies on members doing their share of duties and volunteering their help whenever possible. As a guideline for duty requirements we expect active dinghy sailors to volunteer for at least TWO duties and other active members between 18 and 75 years of age to volunteer for at least ONE duty. Of course, you can volunteer for more duties if you wish. Non-sailing members (who have never sailed or likely to sail e.g. partners in family memberships) are not expected to volunteer but we would be delighted if they did!

DutyMan is the software we will be using to administer our sailing programme duties from 2019. DutyMan is a web based duty roster management system which is always up to date, accurate and easily accessed. It will allow you to volunteer for duties, request changes and see who is interested in swapping duties. Reminders will be sent out to people a couple of weeks before the event. It is important to remember that each member is responsible for finding a replacement if they are unable to make their duty.

Members who are eligible for duties will have received a welcome e-mail with their log-in name and password for DutyMan. If you have lost or mislaid your log-in details click here.

The duties program for the following sailing season opens on DutyMan around December and members then have the opportunity to select rather than be pre-allocated duties. This should mean that you are available for your duty and you know when it is! Please only select duties you have the experience to carry out (we would encourage experienced dinghy racers to volunteer for Race Officer duties). Members wishing to be trained in the race box then please volunteer as Assistant Race Officer and members wanting training on support boats, please volunteer as Support Boat Crew.

The opportunity to select your duties closes after 4 weeks. Any duties not filled will be allocated to members who have not volunteered for duties. DON'T MISS YOUR CHANCE TO SELECT THE DUTIES YOU WANT TO DO.

Please note that the DutyMan roster may only have events for which H(B)SC members are required to undertake duties and is not the full sailing programme (for example M(B)SC run events may not be included). 



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