H(B)SC Policies and Guidelines

A condition of membership is that you have read, understood and comply with the Club rules, Health and Safety Manual and relevant policies.

Club Rules and Bylaws

Please click to download a copy of the Club Rules and Bylaws.

Safeguarding Policy and Guidance

This policy follows guidance provided by the RYA to safeguard children and other vulnerable people taking part in Club services and activities from harm. Click to download Safeguarding Policy

Data Processing Policy

This policy explains why we (Harlow (Blackwater) Sailing Club) collect personal information about club members, how we use it and how we keep it secure and club members rights in relation to it. Click to download Data Privacy Policy

Equality Policy

This policy states the Club's commitment to equality of opportunity and that all persons are treated fairly on an equal basis. Click to download Equality Policy

Health and Safety Manual

This manual contains important information about the club’s approach to safety for sailing and related activities. It contains the club’s risk assessments and safety policies and procedures that must be followed at all times. Click to download Health and Safety Manual.

Cruiser Launching and Recovery Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and Risk Assessment

This procedure and risk assessment covers the launching and recovery of members cruisers. All persons helping with cruiser launching or recovery are responsible for their own actions and their own wellbeing. Also, they are assumed to have read and understood this document. Click to download Cruiser Launching and Recovery SOP and Risk Assessment.

Food Safety and Hygiene Management System

Galley Food Safety and Hygiene Checklist

Galley 14 Allergens Chart

Galley Monitoring Form

Galley Homemade Dishes Allergen Form

Galley Homemade Cakes Allergen Form

Galley Slate Proforma

Leaving a Legacy

Harlow (Blackwater) Sailing Club has been a special place for many members over the past 60 years and you may want to help ensure that this continues for future generations. This guideline gives information on how to leave a legacy donation in your will. Click to download Leaving a Legacy